Shari Creed, CEO/Creative Director
So, about me. I am a lucky one.

I learned my métier from the best in the world and that experience has since served my clients well, too. We used to own Creeds, a renowned women’s high fashion retail specialty store in Toronto (I’m Canadian). We liked to be first at everything we could be—opening the first YSL boutique and the first to launch high fashion designer Jil Sander in North America, like that. Locally, we had Toronto’s only Chanel, Valentino and Christian Lacroix shops; we opened the first Chanel Beauté black and gold cosmetic department and Clinique International counter, owned and operated boutiques for Krizia, Emanuelle Ungaro, Sonia Rykiel, and lots more.

I’m a serial entrepreneur—the garage start-up kind. Two businesses of mine morphed into multi-million dollar companies. One is this boutique agency, and the other is a brand called SweetSpot Labs, a feminine care brand sold in Target.
How about that?

All of the above and the many other brands featured on this site should give you comfort that I know all angles of branding. Since founding Creed Strategic Imaging, me and my team of talent have steered a wide range of brands across multiple business arenas from retail to beauty to restaurants and residential branding with a specialty in the luxury goods world. We love what we do. You can check out our work here.

I hope we work together. I’d love that.

With friendship,
Tom Creed, COO/Business Director/General Manager

I’m Tommy. When asked, “What do you do?”, people laugh when I answer, “I work for my wife”. But it’s true.

I am the business strategist/general manager for Creed Strategic Imaging. I’ve led the growth and profitability of numerous businesses throughout my career, including our agency and SweetSpot Labs, both companies that began in our home. I’ve served in the capacity of CEO, COO, CFO, General Manager and Merchandise Manager. I have been there and back, and there and back again with my manufacturing, marketing and retail management experiences and in varying roles.

Here’s what I know—you aren’t here to buy my services. You’re here to buy from the best. A visionary, leader and remarkably creative person— Shari Creed, who is my partner and boss in many aspects of my life.

I’m sure we’ll chat in the process. Until then,


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