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We hear that a lot from our clients, especially when they see ‘it’,  and when they hear ‘it’.  In a nutshell, a brand is ‘what you are’. Brand-ing (what we do) is a transformational discovery process that spawns all the assets and equities that define and articulate your brand’s character (what you are), and thus, creates value.  New brand, rebrand, rejuvenated brand, brand extension, the same strategic process and expertise is required. Come, let’s chat.


In context, most of the work we do happens before the new brand, re-brand, rejuvenated brand, or brand extension shows up.  Strategically, across all mediums of consumer interface, we distill, meld, and communicate the ‘what you are’ using four ownable, identifiable, consistent brand expressions that, over time, and with discipline, build trust, evoke feelings, generate equity and create value. These expressions can be categorized as: 1. VERBAL. 2. VISUAL. 3. BEHAVIORAL. 4. ASPIRATIONAL.  Each requires specific skill sets; strategic thinkers, writers, art directors, perhaps illustrators, photographers, architects, or even alliances and specialists who inform.  Like a conductor is to a symphony, we are your CREATIVE LEADERS, the professionals who will ensure your brand emerges “feeling” as it should, and can always deliver its best performance. 

What makes us different? A lot. 


First, we know ‘what we are’. We know what we do and we know how to do what we do.  We also know what we don’t do.   Believe it or not, that last thing is as important as the first three.  Branding is a specialized expertise.  Creative partners like us come, stay for a while, go (and still keep in touch), and… come back.  As a full-service strategic branding agency, we can take on as much or as little as you want.  We brand (help define and execute ‘what you are’); we audit brands; help brands get back on track; we create winning strategies; position, ideate and create design, stores, packaging; select photographers, illustrators, negotiate fees, produce shoots; we hire architects that understand and share a brand’s beliefs to ensure proper environmental interpretation; we do environmental branding; we create concepts and take them to research, and then to full-on execution including packaging and store design; we evaluate another agency’s work so marketers are objectively informed; we often hire agencies that work with client’s day to day needs so when we leave, there’s continuity. Woah!  It can be a lot.  But one thing for certain, we will openly and honestly tell you how we can best serve your business needs. 

 We imagine the unimagined. We have a proven track record that demonstrates our capabilities and capacity to push boundaries; to make something from nothing; to see into the future and recognize opportunities others don’t; to make what is, even better; and to revitalize what’s become tired.  End to end, start to finish. Those ‘imaginations’ convert to equity and assets, build value, and today, live in multiple businesses and on shelves across the globe.

We’re selective, too. There is a ‘right’ agency for your  brand, and likewise, a ‘right’ client for us. We know what we know, what we don’t know, and what we can do and we’ll tell you. We’re as careful about the projects we take on as you should be about the selection of a brand agency.

We’re a ‘layer-free’ zone. A team of senior strategic thinkers, creative talent, and problem solvers work on your business.  We scale up and down, bring in the right expertise at the right time, based on your project’s specific needs, not our overhead.

Relevance is a key word.   Another way to say it would be timelessness.  We could show you branding we did 15 years ago, and branding we completed last week.  The brands we create, the brands we help grow, the brands we re-brand, the equities and assets we design all have a common thread—they withstand the test of time.


Your success is our reward, not the awards.  Ok, awards are nice to have.  We have some.  And???  We didn’t get an award for being instrumental in a brand selling for over 400 million-dollars.  Nor when another was acquired by a Fortune 500 out of the gate, or when a client got all doors and an exclusive deal at their first brand presentation. We are in the game for your successes. 

Our process is unique and works. 

  1. We have a conversation. We meet and get the download to get our bearings. Who? What? When? Where? (our job is ‘how’).   Nothing is off the table.  We ask you to dream your wildest dream because we actually deliver wildest dreams.
  2. Homework time. New brand, re-brand, tired brand, adding to an established brand, we start with an audit of the category, the consumer and a world perspective.  Yes, the world; what’s he or she want more of, less of, want to escape all together; is there a need, or is there a need no one knows is needed…YET.  This leads us to the BIG idea.
  3. Brand expression in words.  Naming, taglines, positioning papers, establishing the verbal identity, tone, and manner is the first step in the brand identity.  If you begin anywhere else, you’ll double back, waste time and money.
  4. Brand expression in design. This is the conceptual design phase.  If it sounds like that, it looks like this.  We assess the design attitude options, develop brand architecture and hierarchy; we create domains for each concept.
  5. Time to create.  Now we’re cookin’.  During this phase we revisit the copy and brand vernacular, the brand architecture and hierarchy of messaging, we assess photographic style, illustrations, all variables in total, and adjust and fine tune everything.
  6. Ta-da!  We meet again.

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