in a word,
our creed
is opportunity.
we believe in
the opportunity

that exists in brands

by capitalizing on the
power of their ideas
and demonstrating

their relevance.


how we think

i’m shari. 

I’m the Founder, Creative Director and Chief Executive Officer of CREED. We’ll get to know one another when we work together because I will be your Creative Director and Brand Strategist. But no doubt, you’re wondering, “Hey, what’s up with that fridge photo, Shari?” Well, glad you asked. Come with me and I’ll explain.  

what we do.

and can do for you



i love it.
i love it.
i love it.

That’s what you’ll say when you see ‘it’.  When your brand surfaces. Because,
 in a nutshell, a brand is ‘what you are’. Brand-ing is the transformational discovery process that spawns all the assets and equities that define and articulate your brand’s character (what you are), and thus, creates value.
What we do 
is lead that journey.  Let me explain how…


case studies


case studies