How much is an idea worth—$10,000 or perhaps $50,000, or maybe a million-dollars? The answer could be, absolutely nothing. There’s no shortage of ideas, but what you do with an idea is how value creation is generated. And getting value creation requires expertise. We applied ours to New Business Creation (NBC) and Front-End Innovation (FEI) at Procter & Gamble, delivering many (and many more) conception-to-launch initiatives with end-to-end strategies, seeing in to the future for several of their iconic brands. If we could share them, we would (they’re pretty awesome and deserve a spotlight).  But we agreed not to.  Start-up or billion-dollar businesses, our creative process is the same and it got us hired. That’s worth sharing. So, we have.


our creative process. 









so what is an idea worth?

when you know what to do with it