‘Made to be worn on repeat.’  Monday feels like Saturday. Even Sunday can look a little Friday.’ These are a few SWET Tailor slogans and headlines we created, along with their existing mantra of  ‘EveryDay. EveryWear’ to express this comfortable, well-styled menswear collection.  Originally ‘Sweat Tailor’, we removed the A in ‘sweat’, modernized its logo design, created an icon, and the newly re-branded look and feel for SWET Tailor began to emerge.  After a year of work on the brand’s verbal, visual, behavioral and aspirational identity, with a few photo-shoots under our belt, a redesigned website, expressive and well-voiced use of copy, unique packaging for e-commerce (and retail), and adding the brand’s sense of style, SWET Tailor is full steam ahead.  

What we did. 

what we did.

-out-sourced creative director.
-strategy + re-positioning.
-brand identity + architecture.
-naming and verbal ID.
-concept + packaging design.
-web design, execution through launch.
-photographic attitude.
-photo production.
-digital strategy/advertising campaign.
-financial pitch-book design.