First meeting with Sephora—a start-up gets all store distribution.  Wow! HerCut. For the first time ever, haircare for your hair cut; the pixie, shag, blunt, bob, curly bob, long layers, long curly—designed to make the most of your hair’s best intentions.  When presented with a unique idea for hair, it requires a new, distinctive, bold brand strategy. Meet Allura, Tuesday, Zoe, Simone and Evie, animated hair buddies with lives (and hair) we imagined and brought to life. They dance to Feel Good, their very own song we had written; they have likes, dislikes, musings, night lives, work lives.  The gaggle is fun, witty and aspirational and were unleashed to talk hair in a dynamic online social network community as a key pillar in the brand’s construct.

We put together a dream team.

multi-functional brand assets are critical.
We commissioned choreographers who worked with Black-Eyed Peas to give us the Feel Good dance; we hired A+ musicians to compose and write lyrics for the song we imagined, by the same name; an illustrator whose work we had admired for years gave our girls their personas; a photographer known for lifestyle and luxury goods commercials for Fortune 500s shot and directed the branded video (purposefully, not a beauty photographer); a reality TV celebrity spokesperson was onboard-ed; and a cast comprised of real people (not professional models) brought Allura, Simone, Evie, Tuesday and Zoe to life, from their hair to brand-colored wardrobes designed for each girl.


what we did.

-brand position and strategy.
-brand architecture and design.
-brand visual identity.
-brand vernacular.
-package design.
-trademark assets.
-commissioned branded proprietary music.
-talent videos for web series.
-illustration, photography commissioned and produced.
-digital interactive strategy.
-educational materials.
-pitch books.