You’ve got five months to finalize design, to build and get 42 stores ready to open. Go! And there was more; deadline challenged product introductions and ad campaigns; strategic positionings for upcoming product innovation; holiday package design; Aveda’s international distributor’s meeting; a global roll-out; collateral for salons, stores, and the Aveda Institute (the brand’s hair stylist school), and, and… And we hit the ground running, leading every facet of this iconic brand’s global creative.

Along with all the work there was to get done, Aveda is a story about the importance of recognizing the awesome responsibility that comes with handling a brand steeped in its heritage, rich in equities and assets, and mindfully shepherding it through complex, multi-dimensional business needs. 

Out-Sourced Branding Agency-of-Record/Creative Director.
-led, hired, managed, supervised all creative teams, visual merchandising, consultants, production.
-led all branding, design, and advertising.
-ideation, hiring, management, supervision of store-design teams.
-led store design team charged with the redesign of Aveda Institute NYC.
-supervised interior design teams for Aveda stores.
-led team for ideation, creation for all assets for new product launches strategies and package design.
-ideated, created all assets for PR and events.
-created all collateral assets for Aveda Congress and distributor meetings.
-Aveda Magazine concept, design.