Skinfix.  It’s what we do.   This charming brand that hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia had been newly acquired and needed a complete re-brand initiative.  Today, not only does it have clinicals that prove the product’s efficacy, it has dramatic before-and-after branding.  Given it’s first 18-months of sales, our “mass doesn’t have to mean mess” theory is validated, once again.

Entering as a newbie in a unique niche can be advantageous.  But not when you are competing with established brand names like Aveeno, Gold Bond, CeraVe owned by giants like Johnson & Johnsons, L’Oreal and Sanofi. One sure way to get the attention of a national retailer is to look different.  Skinfix unique, prestige-looking packaging and smart strategic positioning played a significant role in the brand’s successful foray into the market.  By the end of their first year, Target was in their pipeline.  And not to pat ourselves on the back, but the strategic brand expression across all platforms—verbal, visual and packaging—was cited by retailers over and over again as the reason.  Great branding is worth the investment.