If you want to know what’s coming next, just ask me. Case in point, Mabel’s Staples Simple and Whole Foods, a charming neighborhood general store turned local gathering-place built at a time when the words whole foods were a noun, not an iconic natural foods brand. 

Born when Creed Strategic Imaging wasn’t on my radar, inexplicably, I had hired myself to do what we do now for start-ups like Mabel’s Staples, mid-size companies, and Fortune 500’s—brand build.  I’ll even admit that I created Mabel’s brand, visual and verbal identities when I didn’t know that was an expertise (or a thing with a name).  True serial entrepreneurs, my husband and I owned, designed, built, and operated Mabel’s Staples Simple and Whole Foods. We convinced a milk factory to reopen so we could introduce glass-bottled milk to a generation that didn’t know it ever existed; we had a juice bar before juicing had a movement; we sold Mabel’s labeled natural foods, beauty products, dry goods, and even offered healthful cooking classes. Our days started at 4am with trips to the food terminal or the milk factory, and ended at 9pm for one of us, while the other dashed home to our four kids. Want to know more?  Write, we’d be happy to tell you.